An all star cast of Australian Hip Hop unite in a powerful journey through the struggles of the urban metropolis. The freshest Bboys, Bgirls, free runners, DJs, MCs, spoken word, graffiti and street artists explode on screen in Australia’s first ever Hip Hop feature film.


Wire MC (Deadly Award winner Best New Talent)
Demi Sorono (Finalist in So You Think You Can Dance)
Morganics (Australian Bboy Hall Of Fame, producer for MIA)
Bboy Jay (Wicked Force crew, DJ and Bboy legend)
Nick Power (director of Australia’s leading Hip Hop Festival, Platform Three)
Soraya Touma (singer/songwriter and community artist)

Released early from jail, Aboriginal MC, Swerve (Wire MC) attempts to reunite with his girlfriend, emerging young dancer, Rosa (Demi Sorono). While he was in lockup, Swerve’s best mate Fury (Morganics) has spiralled into homelessness and drug addiction, scoring from Swerve’s rival, DJ Rich (Bboy Jay). Now their rivalry comes to a head when Swerve discovers that Rose has been rehearsing with DJ Rich to host his upcoming all star Hip Hop jam.

Based on the critically acclaimed original Hip Hop Theatre production which sold out a national tour, culminating in standing ovations at The Sydney Opera House in 2007, Survival Tactics is now set to be made into a feature film.

Survival Tactics Main Cast

More photos of the Main Cast

Reviews of the original Hip Hop Theatre production

“A hot new performance hybrid, the cast are a powerful and diverse collection of talents, each performer has serious Hip Hop cred, a sophisticated project”The Age, Melbourne

“There is art in just about every aspect, speeches brilliantly punctuated with percussion; graffiti backdrops and costumes; turntablism and lots of breathtaking breakdancing and physical theatre. Survival Tactics is a challenging, energetic and relentlessly engaging work. Respect is due.” Sydney Morning Herald

“A modern West Side Story” – Drum Media, Sydney

Special appearances also from Bboys and Bgirls like Kamikaze, Ali Kadhim, Hideboo, Ill Will and Bboy Blonde, graffiti and street artists like Snarl, Andy Uprock and Mistery and DJs like Mathmatics.

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