So we are wrapped, but not quite

So we are wrapped, but not quite…one day of pickups on Monday, but I have been concentrating on some serious sleep and a couple of episodes of Miami Vice to relax the mind. All the main cast have flown back to Bowraville, Melbourne, Maroubra and Penrith while the crew move onto next projects, no rest for the wicked. Personally I am taking a deep breath and giving thanks for all the communities that have helped us and hosted us over the last month. I am maintaining my crazy hairstyle and six o’clock shadow before we film my character’s final scenes. The pressure of being in character has affected a few of us on set – no divas here – and when we wrapped I was relieved but I can’t wait to get out from under the skin of my character, he’s a tweaker and it burns you out a bit. It reminds me way back when I was performing with the Australian Theatre for Young People in London and I saw Daniel Day Lewis have a nervous breakdown and crawl offstage when he did Hamlet – this acting stuff can get under your skin, and spending so many hours on late night streets for the film, I just kept seeing my character around the place in different forms, made me a bit sad here and there.

Right now I am regathering my strength for the next chapter. After a meeting yesterday I found myself for the first time in seven weeks with a few hours to kill, standing in the middle of Bondi Junction feeling like an alien from another planet. Excuse the extreme comparison but as my co-producer Paul Brenner said “You feel a bit shell shocked yeah?” Yep, 7 weeks of 15 hour days and all of a sudden three hours of free time seems like an eternity. It reminds me of when I used to act in theatre shows, you work really hard, rehearse, perform, tour, push yourself physically, socialise heaps and then all of a sudden it’s over and normally I would get sick three days later, but this time I am trying to avoid that – Miami Vice has been good. Shout outs to all our online team, Kimi for the graphic design and website, LC Beats for the social network and graffiti and Luke from SKB for his incredible making of video trailers!

Peace, Morganics

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