Week 3; Keep it moving, we keep it moving….

Last night, Wednesday, the skies poured down rain and we improvised a location change for the finale scene of the movie – Wire, gave us his inside tip and we ended up at a car park with a great city skyline behind it, it was better than my original location, funny how things turn out. Looking at the footage it reminded me of some great city scenes from Miami Vice, which got me pretty hyped.

Monday we were filming at Dance Central and Ace Dance Studios, much thanks to them and the extras in the scenes, we had a great time, it was Demi’s first day on set too which was exciting.

Tuesday involved lots of running, jumping, chasing, falling, acting, and in my case, directing – it can get pretty tiring – all around backstreets in Marrickville. When we turned up the crew for SBS’s TV show East West 101 were setting up and we were quickly reminded of our underdog status – their catering van and equipment alone were bigger than our whole crew!  But we are operating on a different sort of level and we had some great local extras including the man, LC Beats, putting up some real graff for us. No, Survival Tactics is not a Hollywood production. Some little kids asked me the other day “Is it like Step Up?” and I jokingly replied “No. It’s more like step down.” At the core of what we are doing is real Hip Hop talent, real stories and fresh locations, those are our big production values.

Long days, long nights, the crew are doing a great job, hanging in there and we can sense that we might have something special and unique in the can. We have crossed the halfway mark so now we’ve just got to push on through to the other side.

We need extras for a couple of club scenes which we are lucky enough to be shooting at Melt Bar in the Cross – big shout out to them for their support of the project. Both days we will be shooting between 9 am and 5pm, with extras needed for approx 3 hrs, time to be confirmed. Sorry no pay, but catering is supplied. Next Tues 19th we shoot a spoken word club scene and Wed 20th we shoot a Hip Hop club scene, if you are interested/able, please drop us a line on the Facebook page.  Peace!

Check out the photos here!

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