Well, the shoot is moving along like a creative army across the land.

From Adam Hill’s painting studio and the block in Redfern to the lush, green hills of Bowraville and Snarl’s amazing graffiti production in the back alleys of Coffs Harbour. Filming a rap battle between National Poetry Slam champ Omar Musa and Wire MC in front of a needle shooting gallery in Kings Cross was wild and the scene which features the First Flight Crew of disabled Hip Hoppers and the beautiful singing of Soraya Touma and balletic power Bboy moves of Bboy Jay at the Parramatta Riverside yesterday was uplifting. Nick Power taught breaking in a beautiful old hall in Bowraville complete with a picture of the queen on the wall, local elder Uncle Martin drove through his land singing a song in Gumbaynngir, his language. My character, Fury attended the Krosswerdz Hip Hop church in Belmore where he heard old and new school Hip Hop artists like Mistery, TeOp, DJ Android, Oakridge and Izzy before ciphering and Bboying with them.

Yesterday we invaded my sister’s house to film with my wonderful niece, two year old, Remy, she was a star. The whole crew worked a 14 and half hour day and they have been amazing, and we still have two and a half weeks to go. The shots are looking better than I hoped, the cast are working incredibly hard and fast, the catering is delicious, the hours are a little malicious, but we are doing the Gillard, we are moving forward. Enough reflection, tonight we shoot a big free running scene featuring Nine Lives Crew, Kamikaze and Hideboo, Friday it’s a rooftop Bboy jam, so many different crazy locations and talented artists, much thanks to all involved so far, keep checking youtube.com/survivaltacticsmovie and facebook.com/survivaltacticsmovie for making of photos and videos. Social media distro courtesy of LC Beats. Peace!


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