For the first time after the shoot finished I woke up early this morning…

…and I thought to myself “Why am I awake at 7am?” The answer, first day of editing.

The journey of a thousand steps starts with one step and with a solid 12 week timeline ahead of us, myself, editors Nick Deacon and Luke Mercado are about to start our quest to generate the first director’s cut. I read a great quote from Kubrick “Not to sound frivolous but sometimes it seems that we just shoot so that we have some footage to edit with”. It feels a little like a full circle going back almost two years to when I first started doing myself taught course on how to write a screenplay, in the last few days I have been watching and re-watching films, especially the bonus DVD stuff and getting back onto all those crazy Youtube tutorials on film making, gotta get in that headspace eh? It’s like the whole things starts again right now, so it’s time to write the first page I guess.

Meanwhile big ups to Bboy Jay, check his new page with more making of footage including some sick scratching from DJ Mathmatics.

Also, check out the new cast photos and a free downloadable pre production 45 min audio treatment of the movie.

Peace, Morganics

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