That’s a wrap! We have crossed the finished line…

…and are making our way to the post production starting line.

Last night we shot the final scene with full crew and cast, i.e., myself. First we did a scaled down crew series of guerrilla shots on trains between Redfern and Town Hall just with Ming (DOP) and Cameron (makeup). Cameron was happy to hear that when I walked through the train carriages people were pretty war of me, thinking I was a dodgy character – a sign that he had done his makeup right. Based on work I had done years ago with Urban Theatre Projects (director, Alicia Talbot) when we worked with young homeless guys who told us that one of the best ways to get a safe, warm nights sleep was to catch the train out to Bathurst and back, we basically filmed my character sleeping on trains – and jumping a few turnstyles, bit like the classic Warriors.

SPOILER ALERT! After that we shot a big scene in the movie, which I actually won’t give away. As we shot the scene with a small crane and a stunt car there were a crew of motorbike guys flying down the freeway getting chased by cops. Later on the cops dropped by to ask what we were doing and they took the chance to have a good chat to us about how they “almost caught those guys, once we got to 150 k’s an hour though we had to stop”. Without giving the scene away we got it done, shared a glass of wine and a Cuban cigar and then went home to bed at 2am.

Now, let the games begin, I am sitting with Cameron our makeup artist, “cop” and data wrangler and we are about to log all the data and begin the path of a thousand steps with one backup… to be continued.

Survival Tactics Main Cast

(L to R) Nick Power, Soraya Touma, Wire MC, Demi Sorono, Morganics, Suzan Deng and Bboy Jay. Photography © Gilles V.

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