Morganics Video Interview by Akesha Horton

Well, the editing is starting to move along, it’s pretty crazy seeing it all come together piece by piece, a bit like a jigsaw assembling itself. After the hyper social stage of filming, it’s back into the hermit crab’s shell, sitting in a room on my own sculpting my vision. It sort of feels like full circle actually, when I wrote the script I spent three months visiting my local library writing for 5 – 7 hrs a day, developing a coffee habit, and right now I am back into that mode – but I’m trying to substitute the coffee with the gym. I must say after inhabiting the persona of “Fury” for the film shoot, for whom I lost about 7 kilos and looked like crap, I am really enjoying eating and working out, which is a good compliment to the sedentary world of editing.

One of the amazing people who was around as we shot the film was American college student Akesha Horton, who came on set to interview me about Hip Hop culture creating global citizens. She is blogging for MTVU – MTV’s University website –  and as part of that she did a video interview with me which you can watch at

Interview with Morganics from Akesha Horton on Vimeo.

When you see the film, you gotta keep an eye out for Akesha’s wonderful cameo. Much respect to her, her blog is at fulbright.mtvu.com, where you can see a pic of our lead lady, Demi Sorono, teaching a dance class from one of the scenes. Interesting note; the other journalist who interviewed me during the film was from BBC Radio 4 in London, who are doing a half hour documentary on Aboriginal Hip Hop – it felt a bit weird that two international journalists tracked me down during the filming, but no local ones, mmmm.

Hasta la proxima, peace, Morganics

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